MR International supports customers looking for partners or acquisitions, by searching the ideal contact, assisting customers  with all the necessary steps, including contracts consultancy and / or tax and legal aspects of the single operations through the work of partner experts and professionals. 


This kind of support offered by MR International is ideal for those companies that have in specific areas random business operations and or commercial transactions, who might need help or advisory in potentially complicated business relationships.

Our consultancy expertise in specific areas can be of great help, especially for small and medium sized companies, diminishing potential risks and increasing the chances of success. 


A truly helping hand in marketing analysis, strategies and communication for global markets, on single projects and also when required, through market research and interviews to decision makers and market influencers, with an extensive use and knowledge of local social media.


MR International can search, select and start up valuable relationships with suppliers or sub contractor productions in Italy or other countries on behalf of its customers. 

Ready to select, check and follow new suppliers, sub-contractors and local partners, with a focus on the manufacturing industry.

We also find international partners for Italian based companies. 

MR International has an operational cut: our style of work is "hands on", together with the managing staff of our customers, following specific development plans.